New Year, Join Me!

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions because I feel like if you need to do something new and different you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to do it. I decided in July that it was time to lose weight. I chose a week to get myself in gear to do that by setting constant reminders for myself to work on weight loss and healthy life style goals. I decided my first-year teaching that on my watch children, particularly boys of color would not fail in school and be placed on the path to prison. I didn’t wait for the latest “achievement gap” report to make my classroom a safe space for my students to be their authentic selves. I did not wait for an invitation to attend the professional learning that would enhance my knowledge base as a teacher, teacher leader or campus leader.

I have dedicated my life’s work to social justice in education. I don’t wait for a special occasion to address the inequity I see in the ways of work of the system of education. I didn’t wait for a special occasion or day to teach others about the socio-historical and socio-political impacts of race in American society and ultimately in our PreK-20 servicing institutions. I chose to create meaningful professional learning opportunities as an educational leader because it was those professional learning opportunities that gave me the knowledge base to create identity-affirming classroom and school spaces for my students.

It is a daily walk to actively work for social justice in educational leadership. It is not an easy task, it is a thankless and at times isolating task that does not require a special invitation. Won’t you join me?