2Ward Equity is…

Angela M. Ward, PhD
Founder & CEO


It is my desire to create the space for adults to connect with each other, learn together and grow their knowledge of the multiple perspectives that exist in our world. The 2Ward Equity learning community is a place where people from many backgrounds and ways of being engage in dialogue and find space to support each other as they grapple with all society brings our way.

~Angela M. Ward, PhD

2Ward Equity is a labor of love of Dr. Angela M. Ward. 2Ward Equity combines her love of learning and teaching, with her skill of creating a container to support the affective needs of the learners she engages with. She dreamed of expanding the space for professional learning in schools and other organizations that causes adults to stretch and grow beyond the typical compliance training session. In partnership with learners, Dr. Ward nurtures a space that enables participants to critically self-reflect, look inwardly, and grow outwardly. 2Ward Equity learning brings people together around a common goal to engage in dialogue and create the space for critical conversation and self-reflection on our values, biases and beliefs. With over 25 years of experience in the educational field, and extensive research in AntiRacist education, restorative practices, social emotional learning, social justice, and systemic inequity, Dr. Ward is uniquely positioned to advance equity in learning partnership with your organization. 

What We Do

We exist to support adults to co-create identity-safe workplaces and school spaces. Supporting organizations with a culturally proficient and AntiRacist approach to equity, our engagement with adults centers critical self-reflection to prepare leaders to enact an equitable experience for stakeholders that leads to personal liberation. Working with individuals, groups and organizations we develop and design actionable plans to address interpersonal and systemic inequity. Our work spans the following:

  • Facilitation of Adult Learning
  • Personal well-being and self-care
  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Curriculum Development and Enhancement
  • Restorative Practices and Identity Safety
  • Equity-Centered Social Emotional Learning


To compete in today’s world organizations we must attend to the needs of customers, employees and all who have a vested interest in the success of the organization.

2Ward Equity is a leadership consulting organization specializing in person-centered learning, coaching, and organizational capacity building to create identity-safe space and improve the experiences of staff.